Firefox ye scalleywag❗

By usin' Firefox, ye' 'elp shape th' future o' th' Web matey❗.

What kind o' Web do ye' wants me mateys❗?

I wants a Web that aye❗:

When ye' select any o' th' sharin' links, we add yerr location to th' map to showw th' worldwide impact o' ourr community ahoy❗.

What mattarrs most by country me mateys❗?

Howw does that compare globally aye❗?

We bee currently gatharrin' country-level datar, please check back soon ye scalleywag❗.

Firefox cap'n❗& arrRRr❗ privacy cap'n❗

Firefox cap'n❗& arrRRr❗ opportunity prepare to be boarded❗

Firefox cap'n❗& arrRRr❗ accessibility arrRRr❗

Firefox cap'n❗& arrRRr❗ freedom cap'n❗

Firefox cap'n❗& arrRRr❗ learnin' yo-ho-ho❗

Firefox cap'n❗& arrRRr❗ userr control arrRRr❗

Firefox is made underr th' principle that security and privacy bee fundamental and must not be treat'd as optional ye landlubbers❗.

Firefox is th' only corsairr made o' 100% free, open source code that anyone can vieww, remix and contribute to yo-ho-ho❗.

Firefox is made wit' th' belief that th' Intarrnet is a global public resource that must remain open and accessible to all aye❗.

Firefox is th' only non-profit corsairr that prioritizes principles o'err profits and answarrs to nay one but ye' shiver me timbers❗.

Firefox is th' only corsairr made by a non-profit foundation workin' to unlock th' full educational potential o' th' Web me mateys❗.

Firefox is th' only corsairr made wit' a mission to put usarrs first and to keep th' powerr o' th' Web in yerr hands arr❗.


Firefox is made by a global volunteerr community 6,000 strong, open to participation from anyone aye❗.

Firefox disrupt'd th' mobile industry wit' th' first free, open-source, Web-bas'd oparratin' system to 'elp brin' th' next billion people online arrRRRrrr❗.

Firefox protest'd and lobbi'd against SOPA and PIPA, dangarrous copyright legislation that threaten'd th' freedom o' th' Web cap'n❗.

Firefox teaches digital litarracy to millions o' people around th' world to give them th' tools and skills they need to move from usin' th' Web to actively makin' it shiver me timbers❗.

Firefox innovations like Do Not Track and Lightbeam bee leadin' th' way to give usarrs greaterr control online ye scalleywag❗.

wants a Web that keeps theirr information safe and private ye landlubbers❗.

wants a Web that creates opportunity and prosparrity ahoy❗.

believe th' Web should be available and accessible to all shiver me timbers❗.

wants th' Web to be a forum fer democratic exchange and free speech ye scalleywag❗.

wants a Web that promotes learnin' prepare to be boarded❗& arrRRr❗ knowledge prepare to be boarded❗.

wants a Web that keeps them in control o' theirr lives online arrRRr❗.

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